Monday, 22 October 2007

Circles/Clubs: KAIST ISLAMIC SOCIETY [Islamic Observance & Information]

The KAIST Islamic Society (KIS) was formed by Muslim students at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) to provide a platform for Muslim students in Taejon to practice Islam with freedom. Another major objective of KIS is to perform Dawa'ha - an activity to call non-muslims towards Islam.

Activities: Regular Jemaah 5 times a day; Eid Prayers according to the dates; Taraweeh prayers during Ramazan and Iftarees; and, 'introduction to Islamic culture' activities for Korean [and international] friends.
Meeting Times: 1: 1245-1345: Friday,Jumua\'ah Prayer,English Sermon: 2: After-Maghrib: Sunday,Dars-e-Quran,In English and Urdu
Contact: 010-7265-2575 / 010-2893-5326


Aamir said...

There are some other activities which are specific to some occasions. Following is enclosed a brief of these activities:

(1) RAMADAAN QUIZ: Ramadan Quiz is offered every Ramadan. The sole purpose is the introduction of Islam through a quiz. The participants are rewarded with cash prizes and gifts. The details of the quiz can be found at:

(2) FOOD FESTIVAL: KIS holds a food stall in the KAIST Festival every year. Variety of traditional foods of various Islamic countries are prepared and offered at the stall.

(3) SPORTS FESTIVAL: KIS also holds a Sports Festival at the Graduate Gym. All students and clubs at KAIST are invited to participate. The objective is to develop a healthy and friendly relationship with the community at KAIST.

(4) PROVISION OF HALAL FOOD: KIS is meeting the needs of Halal Food of Muslim students at the campus as an ongoing service and activity for the last four years.

(5) WELCOME PARTIES: Each semester the newly joined students at the School are welcomed formally. Special parties are arranged and the students get introduced with each other in a friendly environment.

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