Sunday, 9 March 2008

Daejeon Museums Currency Museum

Just behind KAIST can be found the Currency Museum. This museum offers visitors a chance to see the history of the currency and stamps of Korea as well as other countries in Asia and the west. Visitors can learn about the history and economy through currencies. IN the 1st Exhibition Hall one can find exhibitions on the: History of Currency, Coins of Goryeo Dynaty, Coins of Joseon Dynasty, and Modern Coins, The Bank of Korea Coins, Commemorative Coins, Gold Coins of the World, Chinese Coins from the Shinan Sea. In the 2nd Exhibition Hall the are exnibits on: the History of Banknotes, the Great Empire of Korea Period, the Japanese Rule Period, After the Liberation, Republic of Korea, Features of the Bank of Korea Notes, Paper Products. In the 3rd Exhibition Hall are exibits on: Decorations, Medals, Potage Stamps, Christmas Seals, and Money of the World. Finally in the 4th Exhibition Hall one can fin exhints on: the Currency of DPRK

Open Hours: Summer season (March ~ October): 10:00 ~ 17:00; Winter season (November ~ February): 10:00 ~16:00
Closed Days Every Monday, New Year's Day, The Harvist Day, and other contemporary holidays
Information: Tel: 042) 870-1000; Fax: 042) 861-5245
Admission: Free
Website: Tour 2 Daejeon
Location: map

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