Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Open Lecture: Prof Shin Gong-Won"The Life of Hoe Jun" Tuesday 18 March 2008 [KAIST]

Professor Shin Dong-Win from KAIST's Department of the Humanities and Social Sciences, will be giving an open lecture on the life of Heo Jun [the subject of a popular television series] and his relationship to oriental medicine. Heo Jun was a court physician during King Seonjo's reign. He compiled Dong Ui Bo Gam, which became the foundation of traditional Korean Medicine. He became famous as a noted physician in his twenties and worked as a royal physician for a long time. [n.b. the picture above is one of Heo Jun and not Professor Shin Dong Won]

Title: "The Life of Heo Jun and his Place in Oriental Medicine"
Presenter: Professor Shin Dong-Won, School of Humanities and Social Science, KAIST
Language: Korean
Date: Tuesday 18th March 2008
Time: 16:00-15:15
Place: Rm:1125, [N4], KAIST
Inquiries: newsdw@kaist.ac.kr

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