Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Useful Resources: Socius.com's Movie Pages

From the essential website Socius.or.kr come information about Movie Theatres in Daejeon. Kim Hogg writes:

"There are many places to go see movies in town, from a tiny art cinema to small mom and pop theaters to large cineplexes. Finding what’s playing, however, is a little more difficult unless you speak some Korean. Korea Listings has disappeared and until someone wants to step up and do it, CineCine is the best place to check it out. Their listings are complete and accurate. You can also check out what’s planned for release (Korean, but click through on the pictures to get the original name on any foreign-language/Hollywood films)"

Check out the links to the theatre programs!!

To check out the list go here: Socius.or.kr [movie theatre pages]

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