Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Competition: IE Fontier "IE Day" 21 March - 16 May 2008 [KAIST]

What is IE Frontier?: The aim of KAIST is to inspire industrial engineering related studies at the bachelor level. To focus studies on actual problems in order to strehgthen the ability of engineers.

Creative Design: software, new products, manufacting system, service system;
IE FRontier Case Study: Innovative method; optimisation, and business process

Qualifications to Participate: KAIST Undergraduate sstudents [individual or team]

Important Dates:
21 March 2008: last day submission of application forms
09 May 2008: Last day submission of work
12 May 2008: announcement of results of 1st round
15 May 2008: 2nd round examination
16 May 2008: Prize giving

Place of Submission: Industrial Enginering Office

Enquiries: Park Sang Hae (tel) X-3103

Prizes: 1st Prize Won 1,000,000 Creativity Award: Won 500,000; Case Study Award: Won 500,000

Host: KAIST Engineering Department
Sponsors: Samsung Heavy Industry Corporation & KAIST