Monday, 17 March 2008

UNEP Angel Recruitment Drive March 1 -16 [On-Line]

UNEP ANGEL (United Nations Environment Program Angel)
9th Recruitment for New Members!

What is UNEP ANGEL?: UNEP Angel consists of undergraduate and graduate students working for the environment along with UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea.

Environment - UNEP Angel members love the environment; Youth – UNEP Angel is composed of young college students
Internationality – UNEP Angel tries to save the environment internationally; Culture – UNEP Angel seeks to educate and spread knowledge about the environment on college campuses, cultivating a new culture for the environment

Activities in Daejeon: Regular meetings are held at 9pm every Wednesday in the UNEP Angel room on the 2nd floor of TaeWoolGwan (N13). In addition to the Central Event of UNEP Angel, strawberry parties, volunteer work at TaeAn, KAIST festivals, and campaigns are planned for this semester. A local PROJECT for Daejeon is carried out every semester also. Participation for events raising the consciousness about environmental problems is promoted through subscribing IDEAS. The Daejeon branch of UNEP Angel includes KAIST, Choongnam University, Mogwon University, Hannam University, Hanbat University and others.

Who Can Apply: Any college student who is ready to work for the environment

Application Date: March 1 (Sat) ~ March 16 (Sun), 23:59:59pm. Fill out the application form, which may be found on the UNEP Angel homepage and upload the completed form on the “9th Recruitment” board. Make sure to title your application as the following: “Name_School_unep9thApplication. Results will come out on March 18 (Tue) at 9pm. Results will be posted on the homepage and individuals will be contacted also.

Help Questions: Contact number for the Daejeon branch office: 011-1722-5824. For more details, refer to the UNEP Angel homepage

*The rule that acceptance may be canceled for absence at Orientation/MT does not apply to regional branches. There will be a separate orientation for each locality.

More Information here [p.s. check out the photos on the website to get an idea of what they do]

Thanks Yun Suk for help with the posting



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