Thursday, 13 March 2008

KISA Country Introduction:INDONESIA Thursday 13th of March 2008

KISA is proud to announce that it will be hosting a presentation by students from the Indonesian Community At KAIST [ICAK]. In addition to a multi-media introduction to the country, there will be Indonesian dance, cookies, and tea, and also souvenirs for afun-quiz.

Both KISA and students from the Indonesian community hope to see as many people within the broader KAIST community as possible.

Presenters: Indonesian Community AT KAIST [ICAK]
Host: KISA
Place:Mirae Hall, Taewoolgwan, KAIST [N13]
Time: 19:00
Date: Thursday_13th_March_2008
Information: Agustinus Oey [82 42 869 3075]

Refreshments will be served.


Harvey said...

Wow... great site, great idea!!

Finally a place where to find info, good job!!!

If I have any event that might interest Kaist community where should I submit it for further review (I guess not all events a suitable, they shouldn't)?

Thanks again!!!


Dr Simon Combe said...

Dear Harvey,

Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was trying [unsuccessfully] to find a way to reply to you directly.

With respect to your question, if you would like to submit and event to be included on KAIST whats on you:

1. can simply leave a comment in and comments section [I am informed of all comments]

2. send a comment to:

which is the email addres for the site or..

3. send an email to one of the other editors [details of whom I will post after writing this comment].

Sorry again for the delay in posting this reply,

Have a great day.


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