Sunday, 28 October 2007

Useful Websites: It's Daejeon

"It's Daejeon" is the brand slogan of Daejeon, developed as a means of implementing the city's management strategy in the face of the 21st Century, an era marked by the competition of images, going beyond the international competition era. This slogan was developed to build the image of Daejeon, centered on culture, economy and science, as a brand and to increase the awareness of the city by differentiating it against other cities.

The "It's Daejeon" website is the web site set up by the Daejeon Metropolitan Government to promote the city and explain to foriegn guest workers, visitors, potential investors and international students what is happening in the city and what makes the city different from others.

Among the various pieves of use information on the site are for example the bus routes you can take to various locations around the city; times, costs and contact information for the Train, KTX, express, inter-city and airpot bus services in the city; and information for tourists.

The website has English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions. The English site [from which the others can also be accessed] is here:


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