Tuesday, 29 April 2008

[KAIST Culture Festival]Yewon Orchestra Concert

Yewon Orchestra Concert

May 2nd (Fri) 7:00 p.m. / KAIST Auditorium

Overture to "Il Barbiere di Siviglia"...................................G.A. Rossini

Concerto for v.Cello in C Major .......................................... J. Haydn

Allegro molto v.Cello 이상은

Concerto for violin in e minor op. 64 ............................... F. Mendelssohn

Aallegro molto vivace Vn. 이근화

Concerto for piano in C Major op. 15 ............................. L. v. Beethoven

Allegro con brio Pf. 홍민수

Symphony No. 101 in D Major "The clock" ..................... J. Haydn

Adagio - presto




※ This is a first-come-first-serve free performance. Seat tickets may be received from the information desk 1 hour before the performance.

■ Inquiry: KAIST Graudate School of Culture Techonology 042-869-2904

■ Ticket Distribution: May 2nd (Fri) 2008, First-come-first-serve until every seat is taken.

o Entrance of children under the age of 8 (preschool) accompanied by an adult is restricted.

o This is a first-come-first-serve free performance. Admission is restricted once the performance starts.

Please be seated at your designated seats 10 minutes before the performance.

Monday, 28 April 2008

[Festival] Secret Bar

when: 2008.4.29 pm 8

where: KAIST CMS bldg lobby

with delicious cocktail, beer, snack

[Festival] Cafe Bacl

What: Drinks stand
When: April 29th~May 1st
Where: In front of the Creative Learning Building (E11)

Hot and Cold Coffee

29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] Burnout - nirvana

What: Club Burnout "nirvana"
When: May 1st (Thurs) 10 P.M. ~ till the morning comes
Where: Creative Learning Building, 1st floor

Tickets: 7000 won (on-line reservation: 5000 won at http://burnout.kaist.ac.kr)

DJ Line-Up : DJ Great, DJ dpet, DJ AGZAK, DJ YuSeon Groove


[Festival] Beckham

What: Free Kick Competition
When: April 29th (Tuesday) 11:30 ~ 16:30
Where: The sand soccer field


[Festival] Music Makes Me High

What: Concerts by invited artists
Where: Main Stage (In front of E14)

April 28th Eve Ceremony
Poppin HyunJun

May 1st (Thurs) 8:00 P.M.

28april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] Nyquist

What: Club Nyquist
When: May 1st (Thurs)11 P.M. ~
Where: E5

Entrance: Guys 6000won Gals 4000won
Tables: 5000won (3 person standard)

*Rumor has it that girls from other universities will be invited. The poster mentions bookings (that's like an on-the-spot meeting arranged with people of the opposite sex) and a sexy dance contest. And ladies, I hear the boys in EE will be serving in formal wear ;)


[Festival] Cooking Festival

What: Experience food from 13 different countries for only 1000won
When: April 30th (Wed) 5PM ~ 7PM
Where: Between the Gym(N3) and the soccer field


[Festival] Drink or Puke!!

Who can drink 50 bottles of yogurt!

What: drinking competition - yoghurt
When : 11am ~ 5pm ( 29th,30th on April, 1st on May 3 days total)
Where: in front of the post office (north side)

1. bottle of yoghurt must be drunk one by one
2. no side desserts are allowed.
3. time limit : 15 minutes for males, 25 minutes for females.

*5000 won entry fee.
*the award is 80000 (this may change)

29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] Haunted Woods

When: 29th, 30th April (Tuesday Wednesday)
Where: In front of W2 (hiking road)
2 People 10000won (Couple Discount 9000won)
3 People 13000won

Beer +3000won
Photo +3000won

29april2008, 30april2008

[Festival] Feet Painting

What: Paints and slippers will be provided - just come along and make paintings with your hands and feet
When: April 29th (Wed) 11:30 ~ 1:30
Where: In front of the Creative Learning Building (E11)

*The paintings produced will be exhibited in E11 and used as festival posters.


[Festival] KAIST Herald Bar

What: The KAIST Herald presents its annual festival bar - EMPTY BOTTLES
When: 5/1, starting at 8 pm
Where: in front of the post office

Bottled Beer 3000won
Shots 4000won
Cocktails 4000won
All-you-can-drink 19900won


[Festival] Trampoline, Pogo Sticks, Unicycles

What: Trampolines, Pogo Sticks and Unicycles for rent
When: During the festival
Where: Grass in front of the Creative Learning Building (E11)

29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] MiniGame Heaven

What: Games Competition
When: April 29th ~ May 1st 12:00~16:00
Where: Grass around the Science Library (E9) Main Entrance

Gift Certificates for the High Score achievers after the event

20april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] OX quiz

What: OX quiz event
When: May 1st 14:00 ~ 15:00
Where: Grass in front of the Main Stage

*quiz is most likely in Korean


[Festival] Everyone JumpRope

What: Group jump rope competition.
When: April 30th 11:30 ~ 4:30
Where: Between the Gym(N3) and the soccer field

1st place 2-person team: 10000won gift certificate
1st place 3-person team: 15000won gift certificate
1st place 4-person team: 20000won gift certificate
1st place 5-person team: 25000won gift certificate

*No entry fee or pre-signup. Just bring your friends and be on time.


[Festival]Turtle Racing

What: Competition for Slow Bike Riding
When: 11:30 A.M. ~ 4:30 P.M., all days of the festival
Where: In front of the Gym (N3)

Prize: 50000 won

29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

[Festival] Princess Maker

What: Drag Beauty Contest
When: April 30th (Wed) 6PM ~ 7PM
Where: Main Stage (In front of E14)

*signup for participants has closed


[Festival] Ring the Kkarryong?

What: A competition to ring the Kkaryong through fun games.
When: May 1st (Thurs) 6PM ~ 7PM
Where: Main Stage (In front of E14)

*signup for participants has closed


2008 KAIST Festival 'Escape'

28th (Mon):: eve ceremony (groups Jewelry, Poppin HyunJun, V.O.S)
29th (Tue):: opening ceremony, cooking contest, singing contest, WE KAIST (Winning Eleven competition), KAIST Starcraft Tournament
30th (Wed):: Princess Maker (drag competition), Rock Festival, BEAT Street
May 1st (Thurs):: Basket Lunch Sale, Ring the Karryong (Games Competition), Music Makes Me High (WonderGirls, SuperKid, CopyMachine, BellaMafia)

Other Events :: Paint With Your Feet, Water Wars, Mini Game Heaven, Things to Ride, Turtle Bike, Trampoline Event, Caricature

28april2008, 29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

Monday, 21 April 2008

Speaking Competition: Daedock Toastmasters Monday 21st April 2008 [C. L. Bldg]

Daejeon Toastmasters will be holding their Second Annual Speech competition in order to select people to go Io the National Toastmasters Speech competition which will,be held in Seoul later this semester.
All are welcome!! Come and see Toastmaster members in action and join them for a beer or whatever after the competition.


James "What is your opinion about the food shortage in the rest of the world?”
Shelly "How much are you?”
Mi Jin "Destiny we make it!"
Jong-chul "Choice is yours” – Eternal Optimist"
Yoonji "Uncover yourself with Toastmaster" )
Sung Joo "Fight for your Dream"

Event: 2nd annual speech competition
Host: Daedock Toastmasters
When: 21st April 2008
Time: 19:20 p.m.
Location: Room 101, Creative Learning Building KAIST

Seminar: Careers in International Organizations Monday 21st April 2008 [N4]

Ever thought about a career in one of the many International Organizations working in Korea and the rest of the world? The School and Humanities and Social Sciences will be Hosting an afternoon Seminar on the 21st of April 2008 to mark the 20th annual 'Science Day' entitled:

Promoting a Science and Engineering Career in International Organizations<

[Leadership Mileage points will be awarded for each our of attendance].


14:00-15:30 - Session 1
1. "Science & Technology Workshop in International Organizations"
2. "Korean Science & Technology Workforce in International Organizations"
3. "International Organizations & EEWS"

15:45-17:00 - Session 2
1. "Career in the United Nations and Other International Organizations"
2. "Gateways to International Organizational Career"
3. "Partnership as a Platform for International Organizations"

17:00-18:00 - Session 3
Public Lecture: "International Organizations and the Future of Science in Korea in the Era of Globalization"

Even: Public Seminar
Host: School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Date: 21st April 2008
Location: Audio-Visual Lecture Hall, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, KAIST, [N4]


Thursday, 17 April 2008

KISA Country Introduction:AZERBAIJAN Thursday 17th of April 2008

KISA is proud to announce that it will be hosting a presentation by students from the Aaerbaijan Student Society. North of Iran on the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan It constitutes the northern part of the historical region of the same name that was ceded to Russia by Persia in 1813 and 1828. It was a constituent republic of the USSR, known as the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, from 1936 to 1991. Baku is its capital and it has a population of 7,960,000.

In addition to a multi-media introduction to the country. there will be music, and refreshments. Both KISA and students from the Azerbaijani community hope to see as many people within the broader KAIST community as possible.

Presenters: Azerbaijan Student Society
Host: KISA
Place:Mirae Hall, Taewoolgwan, KAIST [N13]
Time: 20:00
Date: Thursday 17th April 2008

Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Jazz Concert: Avangard Jazz Orchestra Currency Museum: Daejeon

The organizers of the KAIST Spring Culture Festival are proud to announce a performance by the Avangard Jazz Orchestra led by the Japanese legendary Jazz pianist Dai Kaibutsu Dan.

More details to follow.

Performer: Avangard jazz Orchestra
Event: KAIST Spring Festival
Location: KAIST Auditorium
Date: Friday 18th April 2008
Time: 19:00
Website: website
Inquiry: 042-869-2904

18April08, concert

KISA Country Introduction:THE UKRAINE Thursday 10th April 2008

KISA is proud to announce that it will be hosting a presentation by students from the KAIST Ukranian Community Society [KUCS]. In addition to a multi-media introduction to the Ukraian, there will be snacks.

Ukraine [우크라이나] is a country in Eastern Europe. It borders Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south. The historic city of Kiev [수도] is the country's capital. From at least the 9th century, the territory of present-day Ukraine was a centre of medieval East Slavic civilization forming the state of Kievan Rus, and for the following several centuries the territory was divided among a number of regional powers. After a brief period of independence (1917–1921) following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Ukraine became one of the founding Soviet Republics in 1922. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic's territory was enlarged westward after the Second World War, and again in 1954 with the Crimea transfer. In 1945, Ukrainian SSR became one of the co-founder members of the United Nations. It became independent again after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991 [Wikipedia]

While apparently their will not be Vodka on tap, come anyway and join KUCS [the KAIST Ukranian Community Society] in a celebration of their homeland.

Presenters: KUCS [the KAIST Ukranian Community Society]
Host: KISA
Place: Mirae Hall, Taewoolgwan, KAIST [N13]
Time: 20:00
Date: Thursday 10th April 2008
Information: Andrii Omel 010-2265-0611

10april2008 seminar

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

KAIST In The News: KAIST To Open Liasison Office in Silicon Valley

From KAIST Home page: "KAIST will open a liaison office in Silicon Valley, California, within the first half of this year to serve as a beachead of oits operations in the United States, university authorities announced Monday.

The opening of the "KAIST America" will be financially supported by the Silicon-Valley based Ambex Venture Group. The liason office will be located at the first floor of the AmBex building in Sunnyvale."

To read more go here and click on the story published on the March 25 in the news section. >

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

In The News: KAIST Webpage KAIST To Introduce New Academic Programs

From KAIST Webpage 28-03-2008: KAIST announced on March 27 that the research university will introduce new academic programs focused on integrated development of science and technologies which are of growing importance in the 21st century. The crux of the plan is to create new colleges and departments specializing in life science, information science, nano-science, ocean systems engineering and intelligent service engineering.

To read more go here and click on the story published on the March 28 in the news section. >