Monday, 28 April 2008

2008 KAIST Festival 'Escape'

28th (Mon):: eve ceremony (groups Jewelry, Poppin HyunJun, V.O.S)
29th (Tue):: opening ceremony, cooking contest, singing contest, WE KAIST (Winning Eleven competition), KAIST Starcraft Tournament
30th (Wed):: Princess Maker (drag competition), Rock Festival, BEAT Street
May 1st (Thurs):: Basket Lunch Sale, Ring the Karryong (Games Competition), Music Makes Me High (WonderGirls, SuperKid, CopyMachine, BellaMafia)

Other Events :: Paint With Your Feet, Water Wars, Mini Game Heaven, Things to Ride, Turtle Bike, Trampoline Event, Caricature

28april2008, 29april2008, 30april2008, 01may2008

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