Thursday, 25 September 2008

Films in Daejeon:

. 25th September - 1st October 2008.

Among the films currently showing in Daejeon at the moment are below. Click on the films title to read more about the film and view a trailer.

1. Marriage Clinic: Love and War [Korea]

To get an idea of screening times in Korean, click on the program links for the individual cinemas below. The Links for the Mainstream Cinemas are for Friday the 26th of September.

MCV Academy: Friday 26th September 2008

Monday, 22 September 2008

Job Recruitment: DC Chemical sep 22~Oct 19

Recruitment Fields and Majors

Production, Quality, Environment, Safety, Public Affairs - Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Mechanical engineering, electric engineering, Physics, Humanities, Linguistics
R&D - Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Physics
Sales, Marketing - Chemistry, Chemical engineering, Physics, Business Management, Law, Humanities, Linguistics, Other
Planning - Business Management, Law, Humanities, Linguistics
Personnel, Accounting, General Affairs - Business Management, Law, Humanities, Linguistics

Application qualification
* Those who are already graduated from university or scheduled to graduate in February 2009.
* For male applicants, those who have finished military service or are exempted from it.
* People who are able to go abroad.

Online application at homepage (
Application Period: September 22nd (Mon), 2008. ~ October 19th(Sun), 2008.

Tel 02-727-9311, 9292~6

KAIST Humanities & Social Science Research Institute Fall Colloquium 2008 Sep 22 ~Dec01

Time: Monday afternoon 5:00~6:30.
Place: N4 professors’ conference room(1431)

Sep 22 / Prof. WuSeok Park / How to save science at KAIST?
Oct 20 / Prof. DongWon Shin / Discussion of Dissection in Jo-sun dynasty
Nov 10 / Prof. DongMin Ryu / Are consumers enemies of laborers
Dec 01 / Prof. YoungHee Kim / The adventure of literature and thinking

Coordinators: Prof. Dae-Jun(, Prof. SoYoung Kim (

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Films in Daejeon:17th - 23rd September 2008

Among the films currently showing in Daejeon at the moment are below. Click on the films title to read more about the film and view a trailer.

To get an idea of screening times in Korean, click on the program links for the individual cinemas below. The Links for the Mainstream Cinemas are for Wednesday the 3rd of September.

Daejeon Art Cinema

Thursday, 11 September 2008

[Clubs] Computer Club : SPARCS

Starting a new enterprise, ‘Neowiz’ -> Starting new enterprise, 'Cheot Nun' -> Leader of a team in ‘Naver’ -> The youngest staff of ‘Nexon’ -> The youngest team leader in ‘Nexon’ -> Studying in KAIST but still working as a team leader.
Design of ‘Lkin’ logo -> Design of ‘SPARCS’ logo -> Being in Naver's ‘User Experience Lab’

That's just a usual Career path of SPARCS members.


[Club] KAIST Photograph Club "Bittara"

KAIST Photograph Club, "Bittara", is looking for the students who are interested in taking photograph.

Where: Student Building - II (Burger King building), 3rd floor
When: Regular meeting on 9PM, every Wednesday
Contact: 010-8611-7931

[Clubs] KAIST JUDO Club "Polar Bear"

KAIST JUDO Club "Polar Bear" welcomes new students who are interested in JUDO!

Where: West Student Center (W2), Underground 1st floor.
Contact: Kim, Sang-Beom (Chairman) 016-217-8492

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

2008 Fall Semester NOVIC Seminars Sep.10~Nov.19

Sep 10 / Prof. Jay Kim of Cincinnati University / Bio-acoustics approach to develop a general damage criterion for noise induced hearing loss
Oct 15 / Prof. SemYung Wang of GIST Dept. of Mechatronics / Optimization of Sound and Vibration
Nov 19 / Prof. SuKyung Park or KAIST Dept. of Mechanical Engineering / Biomimetic Model of Stereocilia's Amplifying Mechanism

Starting 4 PM onwards at the W3Seminar Room (4102), Mechanical Engineering Building (N7-2) 

Inquiries: Mechanical Engineering NOVIC Research Center (T.8211) 

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

KAIST Business Economics Program Presentation Meeting

An introduction about Business Economics Program (BEP) is coming.

Date: September 9 (Tue) 17:30 ~ 18:30
Place: Room 103, Creative Learning Building (E11)
Introduction of Business Economics
BE Curriculum
Introduction of Professors
Introduction of Lectures for Fall 2008Notices

Monday, 8 September 2008

KAIST Orchestra 2008 Autumn Audition

KAIST Orchestra is having Audition for 2008 Autumn semester.

1. Know how to play an orchestra instrument
2. Want to learn to play an instrument
3. Are passionate about and interested in music
Date: 2008.9.9 Tue, 7:30 PM
Place: Orchestra Club Room 221, 2nd floor Student Center-1 (W2) 100
Contact: 010-3914-6410

2008 Carbonic-Free Film Screening


19:00 Asrai
21:00 Milky Way Liberation Front
Date: September 10 (Wed) ~ 11 (Thurs)
Place: Mirae Hall in 1st floor, TaeWulGwan (N13)
Fee: 1000 won per film
Host: SIFE (Students In Free Enterprize, an economics & management study club)

Start of Semester Mass

Celebrate the beginning of the semester with Catholic Club Sanare!

Date: September 9 (Tue) 6:30 PM
Place: Multipurpose room 2nd Floor N12 (above Burger King)
Contact: Son, Min-Tak(Antonio) 010-6820-246

Circles/Clubs: Starflower [Skygazing]

Starflower(별바라기), the only Skygazing / Astronomy Club in KAIST, seeks new members. Anyone interested is welcome.

Place: club room on the 3rd floor of TaeWulGwan (N13)
Contact: 010-3800-4150

[Concert] The 4th RocKlassic

A Rock & Classic Music Festival!

Place: E15.
Date: 7PM September 8th (Mon)

Friday, 5 September 2008

Fall 2008 Leadership Lecture Sep.05~Dec.05

09.05 Fri 16:00  
21st Century Keywords: Global Warming & IP( Intellectual Property )
Koh Jung-Sik, Commissioner of KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office)

09.12.Fri 16:00
21st Century's Mankind Family and the Task of Koreans
Lee Yoon-Gu, Former President of KRC(Korean Red Cross)

10.10 Fri 16:00
Self Management of Professionals
Goo Bon-Hyung , Director of the Goo Bon-Hyung Transformation Leadership Center

10.31 Fri 16:00 
Leader's Attitude in Myengsimbogam
Kim Byung-Jo, Lecturer of the Analects of Confucius, Former Comedian

11.07 Fri 16:00
Creative Capitalism and the New Leadership
Yoon Eun-Key, Presiment of aSSIST(Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies)

11.21 Fri 16:00
Global Standard
Junn Sung-Chull, Chairman of IGM(Institute of Global Management)

12.05 Fri 16:00
How to have an Market Leading Brand
Song Suki, Brand Coach, Writer

At Terman Hall in Creative Learning Building (E11)
Students must attend 6 classes out of 8 classes to complete the course
Attendance card will not be given after the class has started
Counseling and Student Development Center(Tel.2461, 2469)

Films in Daejeon:3rd to 9th September 2008 [Updated]

Among the films currently showing in Daejeon at the moment are below. Click on the films title to read more about the film and view a trailer.

To get an idea of screening times in Korean, click on the program links for the individual cinemas below. The Links for the Mainstream Cinemas are for Wednesday the 3rd of September.

[Campaign] 3.3.3 energy thrift plan

At home
Pull out plugs when not in use
Turn off the light when not in use
Keep in the proper temperature of a room
At an office Turn off the light during lunch time
Turn off the computer when not in use
Reduce the operation of an elevator
In the car Participate in no driving on a day of the week system
Use public transportations as possible
Drive in fuel-efficient speed

(This is campaign made by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea Energy Management Corporation)

[Service] InBody inpection

*How much fat is there in my body?
Obesity is determined by the amount of fat in body and fat in the abdominal region not by one's body weight. Though one may look skinny outwardly, one can suffer from obesity. Moreover, one can be in good body shape though one looks overweight.

*Is my precious child growing well?
You are able to get information on child obesity or underdevelopment by examining your child's position on growth development graphs.

*Do your hands and feet swell often?
An edema implies a phenomenon of swelling of one's body and is closely related to health problem.
Check the swelling rate of your body parts and consult with experts.

*Am I an exception in the life habit diseases?
You are able to check results of an inorganic matter rate and splanchnic fat rate of your body with ease and are able to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Have you done InBody inspections of your body?

Place: Health Care Office (Tae-Wul Kwan, 2nd floor)
Reservation: By visiting health care office or giving a call
Contact: 042-869-2176

[Advertisement] utilizing SCOPUS

Are you having difficulties in searching for materials or using databases?
Do you want to verify information on quotations that is not in Web of Science?
Are you having difficulties in fixing the direction of your research or understanding trends of the fields?

SCOPUS, a data base, can give you clear answers!

What is SCOPUS?
* The biggest database around the world that provides information on quotations and excerpts by providing convenient interfaces and careful selctions
* Chosen by The Times (UK) as a main source of the university world rankings in 2007
* Currently updated in additional funtions with analysis of authors/journals/institutions!

KAIST Science Library now provides regular seminar introducing how to utilize SCOPUS. Ask contact info to find out more information.

Contact: (phone) 042-869-2227 (e-mail)

[Recruiting] TMax Software

Regular employment of R&D researchers with great passion and creativity who will make the Tmax Dream come true.

A. Welfare
Provide separate rooms for work concentration
Membership tickets for health care
Provide company houses (10 minutes walk from the research center)
Cafeteria, restaurant, sleeping room and health care center
A bonus for holidays and club activities

B. Assesement bonuses
An annual salary system according to one's abilities and accomplishments
An annual/monthly awards for distinguished researchers

C. Raising talents
Assign rooms according to major and aptitude
Invited lectures from professors in key universities
Tmax e-campus: Management, Language, Leadership courses
Lectures by native speakers from China, Japan and English

D. Key talents
Dispatch to foreign corporations
Scholarships to support master/doctor's degrees and school expenses
Special promotions

Recruiting category:
Those with great abilities in C& Java Programming
Develop products in middle-wards, DB,OS, Frameworks
BPM,ERP,Search Engines and security
Those with a bachelor's degree from four-course-colleges minimum
Preferential for beyond master's degrees / Computer Science degrees
Regular employment for R&D category
Application Process: On-line application submisstion through website (
Workplace: Tmax R&D Center in Bundang, KyunggiDo
Etc: Succesful candidates will be contacted after resume applications
Contacts: (phone) 031-7797-420 (e-mail)

[Contest] The 6th Term-Paper Contest: Jump-Start Korea 2008

A competition on research papers concerning the further development of Korea.
Topics include the validity of the great canal project, economy and the changing environment and climate, the fusion of communications and broadcasting - IPTV at the focus, strategies to secure resources and energy, and others.

Important Dates: Registration from August 1 to September 30
Contacts: (phone) 02-2003-7433 (e-mail)

[Competition] The 7th Intelligent SoC Robot War

Fighting robots competition. The two categories are Tank robots and TaeKwon robots.

* (registration is closed)

Dates: The final competition on October 15 to 19 at Coex, Seoul.
Contacts: (phone) 042-869-8932 (e-mail)

[Contest] Sports Industry Development Idea Contest

A competition for new ideas on the development and advancement of the national sports industry and the revitalization of the sports market.

Registration Dates: August 11 and September 10.
Contact: (phone) 02-410-1545 (e-mail)

Monday, 1 September 2008

Weekly Worship sessions for PUST(Pyongyang University of Science Technology) in North Korea

Every Wednesday 7:30 AM
Place: KAIST Computer Science Building (E3-1) 1408
Contact: 010-3003-3534 / 019-252-7823 /

STS AcademyAug 18~21, Korea Univ.

Participation of citizens in Science Technology
"The change of climate and policy for future energy"

18 Aug
What is "STS"
'Policy of science technology and model for participation of citizen'
1st working group meeting : Orientation for participation of citizen

19 Aug
1st entire meeting : lecture about topic
2nd working group meeting
2nd entire meeting : talking with the specialist

20 Aug
3rd working group meeting
4th working group meeting

21 Aug
5th working group meeting and making a final report
2nd entire meeting : Presentation about the report and evaluatioin
The night of STS academy

requirements: Anyone interested in participation of citizens in science technology (over 18 years old)
Costs: 10000 (lunch)
Contact: 02-3290-1357 /

[Conference] The 2nd IKL 'Hangeul' 2008 International Conference on Korean Linguistics
2008 16 ~ 18 Aug

* Korean History
Woonpyu Hong (Younsei Univ) - History of Korean Lettering and Speech
Cheoleui Song (Seoul National Univ) - Traditional Korean Education and variation of a paradigm of the Korean alphabet arranged as a syllabary
Kyungil Jung (Kunyang Univ) - The transition of Korean influenced by the use of chinese characters
Munhwan Hwang (Researcher of Korean Language ) - The Letter in Korean in Chosun dynasty
Hogeun Lee (Korean National Open Univ) - The history of Korean literature
Youngwook Kim (Seoul Univ) - The function and history of Korean
Seulong Kim (Mokwon Univ) - The strategy multi structure of Korean syllable
Sanghyuk Lee (Hansung Univ) - Hunminjeongeum and Korean political history

* Globalization of the Korean Language
Jongsun Hong(Korea Univ) - The globalization of Korean culture
Myunggyun Han (Younsei Univ) - The future of Korean and Korean code
Junseok Lee (The national institute of Korean Language) - The spread of Korean in global and language without letters
Heewon Jung (The national institute of Korean Language) - Hangeulization

* Application of Korean

Place: Korea Univ. Inchon Hall

(Sorry for late upload. -- Kaist What's On management team)

[Seminar] Bio and Brain Engineering Seminar

Speaker: Prof ByungJoon Yoon (Texas A&M Univ)
Time: 2008 08 05 (Tue) PM 4:30~6:00
Place: KAIST Jungmoonsool Bld.(E-16) 220
Contact: KAIST Bio & Brain Prof Dohyun Lee ( 042-869-4316)

[Local Clubs] Invitation from Daedeok Hanbit Church

Daedeok Hanbit Church Invites and Blesses you.

The Daedeok Hanbit Church Undergraduate students union (Saebyeok Iseul) is a group with the purpose of helping the world through belief in God.

They are part of the Presbyterian Church and can help you believe in God.

Metting Date: Worship is on Sundays at 2:00 PM

[Commentary] Fliers from the Student Democratic Labour Party Association

Students and soldiers cannot be safe from Mad cow disease.

Beef from cows older than 30 months and potentially able to cause mad cow disease will be sent to meal service in schools and the military.

70% of cows are female cows, which pass 34 months after 2 births. Therefore, more than 30% of beef from US are from cows older than 30 months.

However, this beef cannot be sold in the US because of it's low quality and they have to be sent to factories or mass meal services. Students and soilders who don't have any choice are in danger of mad cow disease. In England, students ate beef from school meal service and some of them suffered from mad cow disease. This is a great issue in the English society and in the world. We should prevent this contract and stop bigger problems in the future.'

This is an issue which has sparked demonstrations during the last few months. It's probably best not to mention 'beef' and 'America' in the same sentence if you want to avoid lengthy debates.

Banner from the Student Democratic Labor Party

"2MB government must renegotiate importing beef with mad cow disease without the right of medical inspection."

[Local Clubs] Invitation of members for Buddhist Association of (Under)graduate students

Exact understanding and practice of Buddhism.
Mental realization and happiness in real life.

Yangwoohoei Mahayana Buddhism invites (Under)graduate students for Buddhist association.

If you become a Buddhist association, you can have a great time as a college student by understanding the Sutras easily and participate in many programs such as volunteer work and Buddhist ceremonies.

You should prepare for your future in your college.
We hope you can be happy from knowing about the life by Buddhist.

When you meet Buddhism, your life will change.
Do not hestitate to contact us.

Meeting Time: Every Friday PM 6:30 ~ 8:00, Classroom of Buddhist college on 2nd Floor in Yangwoo Bld.
Contact: 010 8284 5512

High-Risk High-Return Project waits for your apply!

KAIST offers an nice opportunity to do a project which contains high-risk of failure but also potential of high-return. Chosen projects will be sponsered by KAIST with large amount of supports. This program is offered for all year round.

Qualifications of Participate: All faculty and students of KAIST

How to participate: Download application form from website ( and submit to Ms. Chang Young Seon at

Contact : above email or campus number #2183 (042-350-2183)

[Contest] Green Energy Eco-Electronics Contest 2008

Qualifications of Participants
: Teams consisting of university students (undergrad or grad)
Sections: Contest for innovative ideas on Green Technology
How to participate: Apply online at between July 1~31
Dates: Final Competition 10.23~24
Place: Coex, Seoul
Etc: There is also a corporation category
Contact: 042-869-8938

[Competition] Green Campus

Qualifications of Participants: All faculty and students at KAIST. Individual or Team(2 or more people)
Sections:Suggest a plan or design to alter an aspect of KAIST campus so as to fit with the themes of 'environmentally frindly' 'future engergies' 'sustainability'
How to participate:
1. Download application form from and send with idea to
(use format from
2. IDEA format
* outline, purpose and necessity, component details, possibility of actualization, effects, and research on related patents etc
* Within 15 slides
Important Dates:
Papers accepted: September 1 ~ October 10
Annoucement of preliminary results: October 24
Presentations assessed: November 7
Final results and award ceremony: November 21
1st place: 300man won to 1 team
2nd place: 100man won to 2 teams
3rd place: 50man won to 4 teams
Shows Promise prize: 20man won to 5 teams
Hosts: KI Clean Energy Research Center, Green Campus Committee
Contact: in#4466 (042-350-4466)

[Competition] 2008 Grand Challenge

A robotics competition to be held on October 18 from 10AM to 6PM at Coex in Seoul.
Entries will be on display for demonstrations the following day (Oct 19) at the Coex robotworld event hall

(a sentence from KAIST What's on : entry applications were accepted in June, sorry about the lateness here)

[Competition] FPD(flat panel display) vision inspection contest 2008

Qualifications of Participants
: all university students and people in general
Sections: programming to process videos and detect faults
Sessions will be held to explain this competition further on
September 9, 2008 in 부천
and September 12, 2008 in 천안 and 아산
How to participate: apply for entry online (
Important Dates:
entry applications will be accepted between August 18 and October 17
preliminary contest october 30~31
final contest november 11~23
Where: Final ocntest will be held at the engineering department of 선문대학교
Prize: There will be prize money of up to 300man won for rewardees plus bonus points when applying to work at the sponsoring companies
Contact: 032 234 5804

[Competition] 3rd Fairchild KoreaSemiconductor University Research Paper Competition

Qualifications of Participants: All University Students in Korea (individual or teams of 5 or less)
Sections: thesis paper on all semiconductor related areas
How to participate: download the entry application from, fill it out and send it along with the relevant files (thesis paper and summary in required format, proof of attendance at university in jpg format)
Important Dates:
entry and submissions between September 8 and 26
final results announced on November 11
award ceremony November 14 at the Mayfield Hotel
1st place: 500man won and certificate to 1 paper
2nd place: 300man won and certificate to 1 paper
3rd place: 200man won and certificate to 2 papers per category
4th place: 100man won and certificate to 3 papers per category
rewardees will be given 10% extra points in consideration when applying to work at fairchild semiconductor co.
those who do not receive rewards will be given souvenirs.
Contact: 032 680 1009,1210

[Competition] The 5th University Term Papers on Countermeasures for Climate Change Competition

Qualifications of Participants: Those currently enrolled in university (undergraduate or graduate)

Topics: Topics related to changes in climate and the countermeasures for it.

How to participate:
- Send in application for entry and the paper (paper must be composed with Hangeul word processor on A4 with a summary of less than 15 lines in ShinMyungJo font size 11) along with electronic files
- Application form for entry can be downloaded at
- Paper can be submitted online or through post (disket). (Application form must be sent through post)
- Paper must be 15 A4 pages or more (not including appendix)

Dates: Submissions accepted between September 11th-19th

- 1st prize: Prize from Ministry of Knowledge Economy
- 2nd prize: Prize from Korea Energy Management Corporation
- 3rd prize: Prize from Korea Energy Management Corporation
ㅇ Award Presentation - all rewardees will be presented with awards at the 14th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP14 Poznan, Poland). All expenses paid.

Contact: 031-260-4542 //

Research Papers and Case Studies on Business Management Competition

Qualifications of Participants: University students in Korea
Topics: Contest on research papers regarding management innovations
Dates: Reward ceremony on October 21
Contact: 02-3786-0456 //

[Competition] 2nd University Advertisement Competition

Qualification to participate
: All University Students in Korea excepting those in doctorate programs

Sections: Advertisement Ideas on several predetermined topics and in the categories of
1) video ads: create story board
(about 10 cuts, color, not attached to board)
2) printed ads: print on A3 paper, size of ad is not restricted
(attach to hardboard and send)

Submission Address : Send works along with entry application to (121-840) 서울시 마포구 서교동 402-22 신보빌딩 2층 경륜운영본부 공모전 사무국
(entry application form, tv storyboard format, and logos etc can be downloaded from

Important Dates: works accepted between August 20 and 29, between 10AM~6PM. and results announced in early october

1st place: 500man won and certificate to 1 paper
2nd place: 300man won and certificate to 1 paper
3rd place: 100man won and certificate to 1 paper per category
4th place: 50man won and certificate to 2 papers per category

works will not be assessed if they are not in the proper format or unaccompanied by an entry application.
Copyright to submitted work will belong to the sponsoring company, and works will not be returned.
no plagiarizing!

Contact: (phone) 02-334-9044 (e-mail)

[Contest] Undergraduate and Graduate Term-Paper Contest

A competition on research papers concerning the competitive power of 경기도(Gyeonggi Province)
Potential subjects include policies, administration, environment, economy, culture, technology, and unification.

Registration Date : September 1 to October 31.
Host: Gyeonggi Research Institute
Contact: (phone) 031-250-3227 (e-mail)