Monday, 1 September 2008

STS AcademyAug 18~21, Korea Univ.

Participation of citizens in Science Technology
"The change of climate and policy for future energy"

18 Aug
What is "STS"
'Policy of science technology and model for participation of citizen'
1st working group meeting : Orientation for participation of citizen

19 Aug
1st entire meeting : lecture about topic
2nd working group meeting
2nd entire meeting : talking with the specialist

20 Aug
3rd working group meeting
4th working group meeting

21 Aug
5th working group meeting and making a final report
2nd entire meeting : Presentation about the report and evaluatioin
The night of STS academy

requirements: Anyone interested in participation of citizens in science technology (over 18 years old)
Costs: 10000 (lunch)
Contact: 02-3290-1357 /

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