Monday, 1 September 2008

[Competition] 3rd Fairchild KoreaSemiconductor University Research Paper Competition

Qualifications of Participants: All University Students in Korea (individual or teams of 5 or less)
Sections: thesis paper on all semiconductor related areas
How to participate: download the entry application from, fill it out and send it along with the relevant files (thesis paper and summary in required format, proof of attendance at university in jpg format)
Important Dates:
entry and submissions between September 8 and 26
final results announced on November 11
award ceremony November 14 at the Mayfield Hotel
1st place: 500man won and certificate to 1 paper
2nd place: 300man won and certificate to 1 paper
3rd place: 200man won and certificate to 2 papers per category
4th place: 100man won and certificate to 3 papers per category
rewardees will be given 10% extra points in consideration when applying to work at fairchild semiconductor co.
those who do not receive rewards will be given souvenirs.
Contact: 032 680 1009,1210

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