Friday, 5 September 2008

Fall 2008 Leadership Lecture Sep.05~Dec.05

09.05 Fri 16:00  
21st Century Keywords: Global Warming & IP( Intellectual Property )
Koh Jung-Sik, Commissioner of KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office)

09.12.Fri 16:00
21st Century's Mankind Family and the Task of Koreans
Lee Yoon-Gu, Former President of KRC(Korean Red Cross)

10.10 Fri 16:00
Self Management of Professionals
Goo Bon-Hyung , Director of the Goo Bon-Hyung Transformation Leadership Center

10.31 Fri 16:00 
Leader's Attitude in Myengsimbogam
Kim Byung-Jo, Lecturer of the Analects of Confucius, Former Comedian

11.07 Fri 16:00
Creative Capitalism and the New Leadership
Yoon Eun-Key, Presiment of aSSIST(Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies)

11.21 Fri 16:00
Global Standard
Junn Sung-Chull, Chairman of IGM(Institute of Global Management)

12.05 Fri 16:00
How to have an Market Leading Brand
Song Suki, Brand Coach, Writer

At Terman Hall in Creative Learning Building (E11)
Students must attend 6 classes out of 8 classes to complete the course
Attendance card will not be given after the class has started
Counseling and Student Development Center(Tel.2461, 2469)