Monday, 1 September 2008

[Competition] 2nd University Advertisement Competition

Qualification to participate
: All University Students in Korea excepting those in doctorate programs

Sections: Advertisement Ideas on several predetermined topics and in the categories of
1) video ads: create story board
(about 10 cuts, color, not attached to board)
2) printed ads: print on A3 paper, size of ad is not restricted
(attach to hardboard and send)

Submission Address : Send works along with entry application to (121-840) 서울시 마포구 서교동 402-22 신보빌딩 2층 경륜운영본부 공모전 사무국
(entry application form, tv storyboard format, and logos etc can be downloaded from

Important Dates: works accepted between August 20 and 29, between 10AM~6PM. and results announced in early october

1st place: 500man won and certificate to 1 paper
2nd place: 300man won and certificate to 1 paper
3rd place: 100man won and certificate to 1 paper per category
4th place: 50man won and certificate to 2 papers per category

works will not be assessed if they are not in the proper format or unaccompanied by an entry application.
Copyright to submitted work will belong to the sponsoring company, and works will not be returned.
no plagiarizing!

Contact: (phone) 02-334-9044 (e-mail)

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