Monday, 1 September 2008

[Conference] The 2nd IKL 'Hangeul' 2008 International Conference on Korean Linguistics
2008 16 ~ 18 Aug

* Korean History
Woonpyu Hong (Younsei Univ) - History of Korean Lettering and Speech
Cheoleui Song (Seoul National Univ) - Traditional Korean Education and variation of a paradigm of the Korean alphabet arranged as a syllabary
Kyungil Jung (Kunyang Univ) - The transition of Korean influenced by the use of chinese characters
Munhwan Hwang (Researcher of Korean Language ) - The Letter in Korean in Chosun dynasty
Hogeun Lee (Korean National Open Univ) - The history of Korean literature
Youngwook Kim (Seoul Univ) - The function and history of Korean
Seulong Kim (Mokwon Univ) - The strategy multi structure of Korean syllable
Sanghyuk Lee (Hansung Univ) - Hunminjeongeum and Korean political history

* Globalization of the Korean Language
Jongsun Hong(Korea Univ) - The globalization of Korean culture
Myunggyun Han (Younsei Univ) - The future of Korean and Korean code
Junseok Lee (The national institute of Korean Language) - The spread of Korean in global and language without letters
Heewon Jung (The national institute of Korean Language) - Hangeulization

* Application of Korean

Place: Korea Univ. Inchon Hall

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