Friday, 5 September 2008

[Service] InBody inpection

*How much fat is there in my body?
Obesity is determined by the amount of fat in body and fat in the abdominal region not by one's body weight. Though one may look skinny outwardly, one can suffer from obesity. Moreover, one can be in good body shape though one looks overweight.

*Is my precious child growing well?
You are able to get information on child obesity or underdevelopment by examining your child's position on growth development graphs.

*Do your hands and feet swell often?
An edema implies a phenomenon of swelling of one's body and is closely related to health problem.
Check the swelling rate of your body parts and consult with experts.

*Am I an exception in the life habit diseases?
You are able to check results of an inorganic matter rate and splanchnic fat rate of your body with ease and are able to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

Have you done InBody inspections of your body?

Place: Health Care Office (Tae-Wul Kwan, 2nd floor)
Reservation: By visiting health care office or giving a call
Contact: 042-869-2176

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