Monday, 1 September 2008

[Commentary] Fliers from the Student Democratic Labour Party Association

Students and soldiers cannot be safe from Mad cow disease.

Beef from cows older than 30 months and potentially able to cause mad cow disease will be sent to meal service in schools and the military.

70% of cows are female cows, which pass 34 months after 2 births. Therefore, more than 30% of beef from US are from cows older than 30 months.

However, this beef cannot be sold in the US because of it's low quality and they have to be sent to factories or mass meal services. Students and soilders who don't have any choice are in danger of mad cow disease. In England, students ate beef from school meal service and some of them suffered from mad cow disease. This is a great issue in the English society and in the world. We should prevent this contract and stop bigger problems in the future.'

This is an issue which has sparked demonstrations during the last few months. It's probably best not to mention 'beef' and 'America' in the same sentence if you want to avoid lengthy debates.

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