Friday, 5 September 2008

[Advertisement] utilizing SCOPUS

Are you having difficulties in searching for materials or using databases?
Do you want to verify information on quotations that is not in Web of Science?
Are you having difficulties in fixing the direction of your research or understanding trends of the fields?

SCOPUS, a data base, can give you clear answers!

What is SCOPUS?
* The biggest database around the world that provides information on quotations and excerpts by providing convenient interfaces and careful selctions
* Chosen by The Times (UK) as a main source of the university world rankings in 2007
* Currently updated in additional funtions with analysis of authors/journals/institutions!

KAIST Science Library now provides regular seminar introducing how to utilize SCOPUS. Ask contact info to find out more information.

Contact: (phone) 042-869-2227 (e-mail)

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