Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Useful Resources: Google Map of Daejeon Kimberley Hogg /

Kimberley Hogg, the person who maintains the great Socius in Daejeon has started building a map of Daejeon utlizaing the collaboration made possible by a new feature of Google maps which she says people are "welcome to check out and contribute to" She states on the Socius in Daejeon site that she hopes to "eventually add photos and links back to Socius articles and other information sources where available".

She writes:

"If you have some time and know some places in Daejeon people might be interested in, please use the contact page and send me a message. I’ll add you to the collaborators and you can get started. Once you’re a collaborator, you can invite other people to join in the fray- so please do!

This has some very exciting potential and hope that lots of people will get involved. Please post anything and everything that other Daejeon residents might find of interest-from places expats meet in your neighborhood on a regular basis to major facilities, offices and places of interest.

Thanks so much for getting involved!"
Kimberly Hogg:
Check it out!! It looks great!!!

Socius in Daejeon:

p.s. while your there check out the site itself. It a great resource for both foreigners and Korean in Daejeon.


Kim @ Socius: Daejeon Central said...

Aw, shucks- Thanks for your kind words, Simon. Socius, which is the work of many local people including myself is primarily a labour of love. Nobody gets much from it except the occasional thanks or overheard comment about something they wrote. Is that enough? For me it is. Knowing that something I took a few minutes of my day to do has helped another person have a better life in Daejeon makes it all worthwhile.

I hope some of your readers will join in the project and see the positive results of their labour.

Anonymous said...

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