Saturday, 8 March 2008

AdulTwilight: Rock Concert Saturday 8th March 2008 [DCAC]

The OB's (Old Boys) of Twilight, who have been part of the band for as short as two years or as long as nine years, will be holding their first ever concert! A special guest will be Kim GwangYeon - the '03 guitarist of Twilight - who will give his last performance. Among the songs you may remember are: Canon, Kiss me, and What's up…. Amongs the songs you might not know are: Cupid's Dead, Tragic Comic, Tribute, and Cold City Lights,…

Vocals: JaeSung Lee, SooYeon Mang, SeungYong Lee; Guitar: WahnJoong Kim, GwangYeon Kim, JooHyeon Lee, ChanHo Kim, SuhKi Lee; Bass: JongHae Seo, GwangSoo Ryu, EunBi Cho; Drums: TaeJoon Kim, HyunJung Kang, JeeSung Ryu; Keyboards: JiSoon Lim, Ho Lee

Date: March 8, Saturday
Time: 7:30pm
Place:: Miraehall in Taewoolgwan (N13

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