Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A Talk With President Suh Nam-PyoKAIST President 7 pm-10 pm, 11th March 2008 [KAIST] --

A Message from KAIST Graduate and Undergraduate Student Association

. Due to the recent reforms at KAIST, students are experiencing confusion and may have many concerns. Even though great changes have been undergone in a short time of period, there has been no opportunity for the students to express their opinions. Therefore, we would like to listen to your thoughts and have prepared a place for communication with President Suh, professors at KAIST, and KAIST graduate and undergraduate students. We hope that this will offer you the chance to clarify concerns and share ideas you have about the new school policies.

Major issues:
1) Increase of tuition fees
2) Increase of summer course fees
3) English lectures
4) Dormitory shortage
5) Tenure review system
6) Alteration of government structure

* You may receive official excuses for practice classes with conflicting schedules. We are planning to let students take an active part in the discussion and look forward to hearing your voices.

Date: March 11, Tuesday, 7-10pm (Snacks from 6:30pm)
Place: Mirae-Hall in Taewoold-gwan (N13)
Participants: President Suh, KAIST professors, KAIST graduate and undergraduate students


Francisco Byun said...

Thank you, Thanks a lot, for your valuable efforts at that talk, Prof.Combe.

I'm a student who asked a question immediately before your "final" question, who asked about the recitation class problem of international students(Though I'm totally a native Korean studen). As same as previous year, I'm taking those recitation classes for international students, and suffering terrible time. But it does not seem to be better in a short time.


Thank you, really thank you for your heroic speech. It will remain in our memory, and will let us think more, and let us "move" more.

- 20070373 Byun, Kyu-hong (called "Francisco" among international students)

Dr Simon Combe said...

Dear Franciso,

Thanks for your email. If there is anyway I can help you at all please feel free to contact me by email at: simon.combe@gmail.com.

Be good and happy,


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