Friday, 9 November 2007

Competition: 4th Vans Reform Design Contest

The organizers of the 4th Vans Reform Design Contest arfe seeking neww innovative shoe designs. Working with Van's white 'Era' model (250 mm) you are invioted to reform the shpes in whichever way you want using any kind of additional material necesssary.

Qualifications: anyone who loves Vans
Registration Period: 25 October - 26 November
Submission Period: 25 October - 29 November
Submission Address: 4th Van's Reform Design Contest Registraion Office, 411-19 G&G Building 2nf flr, Doguk-dong, Gangnam-go, Seoul - 137-270.
Juding Criteria: 1: Understanding of Van's [40%]; 2: Creativitiy [30%]; 3: Completeness [extra credit: video 10%, Design Explanation: 5%]
Prizes: 1st: (1 person) Won 2,000,000; 2nd (2 people) won 1,500,000, 3rd: (6 people) 500,000

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